Cajun Words Translated

(Just a note that the French that is spoken in Louisiana is closer to Medieval
French than that spoken in France today. It is because the French spoken in the states
has not evolved and has maintained the provencial feeling.

Betaille - Animal (not necessarly a nice one!)
Ecole - School
Revenu - Income
Ongle - Nail (finger)
Charrue - Plow
Sel - salt
Figur - Face
Garcon - Boy
Ici - here
maringoin - mosquito
ouragon - hurricane
Queue - tail
Sac a Lait - White Perch
user - worn out
Tayaut - hound
Pretendu - Suitor
Citation sous peine - Subponea
Valise - Suitcase
Etouffer - Suffocate(Etouffe, a Cajun form of suffocating the food
Wowaron - bullfrog
volaille - Chicken
pere - father
parridin - god father
Tracasser - Obsess
Repos - rest
Chemise - Shirt
Secousse - Shock
Grand chemin public - super highwar
Avec - with
moi - me or mine
mile - miles
nord - north
finis - finished, finish
ca - you
soileil - sun
maison - house
Dimanche - Sunday
Sans Signification - meaningless or without meaning
grand - great or big
perogue - small canoe, boat
sha or cher - sweetie
Allons - lets go
gree gree - hex, spell
booray - cajun card game
porte - door
fais do do- a dance
potot - potato
temps - time
Savanne - Medow (Savannah comes from this word)
Fondu - Melted
Ordinaire - Medocre, Ordinary
dancier - dance
pleur - rain
chaud -hot
Frais - cold
Desir - desire
Abandonner - desert, to abandon
Determine - determined
Obligeant - considerate
Vivant, En Vie - Alive
Tout - All
pauvre - poor

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